Welcome to the DUC Employment Hub


The DUC Employment Hub is an innovative product of the Down Under Centre (DUC), a one-stop centre for all your migration needs. We are a walk-in centre based in London UK, with offices in NSW, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

The DUC provides client focused migration pathways: skills assessments, visas and relocation services. We also understand the importance of job security and have created the DUC Employment Hub; a tool to connect you, the applicant, with employers looking for your skills.

You complete your personal profile page as fully as possible, adding to it as your migration journey progresses, and employers, interested in your profile, receive emails when important migration milestones are triggered.

The DUC Employment Hub has invaluable information to assist with your move to Australia besides getting a visa and a job. This information includes relocation services, short-term accommodation, banking, driver licence, tax setup, information on licensing and registration, etc.  The helpful hints function gives more information on how to use this powerful tool. 

New Zealand

Looking for a great lifestyle in New Zealand?

 With the DUC Employment Hub we can help put you in the best position to secure a job offer and visa for New Zealand. You will need a job offer before you can apply for a visa and you will need to be prepared for the move and visa application process before you can secure a job offer.

 Knowing where to start is often the first barrier people make when trying to move to New Zealand. You may have heard of the “Catch 22” situation that everyone faces.

 “I can’t get a visa because I don’t have a job offer, but I can’t get a job offer because I don’t have a visa!”

 This can be difficult to overcome especially without support to remove the barriers that exist between you and the employers looking to hire you. To explain it simply, we help you make the move to NZ by removing the barriers that exist between you the employers and the visa process.

 We minimise the risk and maximise the opportunity for you and the employer.

 The DUC Employment Hub is an essential tool that we are actively promoting to employers here in NZ.

 If you want to be promoted to employers as a person who is skilled, eligible for a visa and ready to make the move with our support, then you are in the right place.

 Get started now by completing our form! You can also schedule a call with one of our Migration Consultants who will be able to discuss your options for moving to New Zealand and answer all the questions you have about your move. We strongly recommend this


How It Works

Just complete a simple questionnaire to give us some information to see if you could be eligible to migrate. Once approved you will have the option to book a Skype consultation with one of our Migration Consultants (essential if you want real clarity) or you can just log straight into your profile and upload your CV, and edit your details.

 Employers will also log in and add the occupations they are looking to fill, plus the location of those jobs. When they get a match with you they can read your profile and contact us to arrange an interview.

 If you decide to use our full visa and relocation assistance you have the added advantage of givng peace of mind to the employer (and yourself) that if a job offer is secured, we are here to help make sure the immigration process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. To do this make sure you take the option of a Skype call.